Compare the best solar companies in Arizona
pick the best one for your home

Compare the best solar companies in Arizona pick the right one for your home

Top 6 things to ask every solar company when comparing
What you need to know about the Arizona and Federal Solar Tax Credits.
Learn how to compare solar companies by price per watt.
Critical things to evaluate after your solar install happens.

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Solar installers around AZ

Thinking about going solar for your home? Not sure what solar company to go with? Here’s where you’ll find the best ones.

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Solar Payment Options

Choose the best one based on your situation!
No ownership of panels
  • Typical savings 10-30% from cost of utility
  • No tax credit(goes to solar company)
  • 20-30 Year Lease
  • Subject to Rate Increases
  • Issues if selling home
Ownership of panels with interest
  • Typical savings 20-40% from cost of utility
  • Qualifies for Solar Tax Credits
  • 12-30 Year Loan
  • No rate increases
  • No issues when selling home
Cash Payment
Best option if funds are available
  • Typical savings 30-50% from cost of utility
  • Qualifies for Solar Tax Credits
  • No additional payments
  • No rate increases
  • No issues when selling home

Arizona Cities
Solar Companies by City

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19 listings


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Tips on store promotion
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August 7, 2017by AZ Solar0
New user portal launched
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